Bottles and Bedtime

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Had you heard that tooth decay is actually very common in adults? Sadly, studies have found that nearly 47% of adults who are older than 30 have tooth decay. Fortunately, you can usually prevent tooth decay by doing a few simple things, including brushing, flossing, and visiting our team for a routine checkup regularly. Still, did you know that children are also vulnerable to tooth decay?

Sadly, children are just as likely to have decay as adults are, but, unlike adults, children are especially vulnerable to baby bottle decay. Would you be surprised to hear that sugar doesn’t actually cause cavities—but it can promote bad bacteria growth? When you put your baby to bed with a sugary drink, whether it’s soda, milk, or juice, their drink could pool in their mouth. This leaves your child’s tooth exposed to sugary drinks, leaving your child more vulnerable to tooth decay.

Luckily, you can help your child avoid tooth decay. If your child won’t sleep without a bottle, try filling it with water. It’s also important to avoid sharing utensils with your child since the bacteria that cause decay are very contagious. You should also care for your little one’s mouth even before their first tooth has come in. You can keep their mouth clean by wiping it with a clean cloth after they eat.

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