Dental Checkups Help Maintain Good Oral Health

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There several important factors that go into maintaining a healthy mouth. A consistent daily oral hygiene routine that employs high-quality oral care products is a very important first step you also need to have a routine dental checkup performed by a professionally trained dentist twice each year.

The dental checkup starts with one of Dr. Steven Driggers’s dental hygienist thoroughly cleaning your teeth to remove tartar, plaque and other bacterial deposits from your teeth. Once this is done they will polish the surfaces of your teeth to address minor dental stains

At that point, Dr. Steven Driggers will examine your mouth for any signs of cavities, periodontal disease and early signs of oral cancer. If they detects an active or developing problem they will help you understand your treatment options.

Simple preventive measures such as applying dental sealants or administering a simple fluoride treatment can be performed at the end of the dental checkup.

If they has concerns about the effectiveness of your daily routine they can provide you with additional insights. Sometimes minor improvements in your brushing and flossing technique can go a long way toward preventing further oral health problems.

If you live in the Avon, Indiana, region and you have an oral health concern, you should call (317) 495-9537 to schedule a dental checkup at Sonshine Family Dental.