Diabetes and Your Smile

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Your oral health is of prime importance when you have other illnesses, as diseases such as gum disease and tooth decay can negatively impact your overall health. If you are currently being treated for diabetes, we want to encourage you to take extra care of your teeth and gums to support your health. Today, our dentist, Dr. Steven Driggers would like to share some oral care tips for your smile. Let’s have a look!

— It is always important to brush and floss every day to encourage a healthy oral environment. Brushing and flossing are basic essentials to protecting against tooth decay and gum disease. To protect sensitive gums, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen tooth enamel. Brush for two minutes each at least twice a day. When you floss, clear out debris in the crevices between teeth and along the gumline.

— Watch your gums, if they tend to bleed after you eat or brush your teeth, please let Dr. Steven Driggers know. And if you are finding white patches or other unusual changes in your mouth, we urge you to see our dentist for further evaluation. Taking extra precautions when it comes to your gum health will benefit your systemic health too.

— Be sure to attend all routine dental cleanings and checkups. You want tartar to be removed from the teeth and gum line to avoid decay and periodontal disease. In addition, Dr. Steven Driggers will inspect your mouth for any dental dilemmas before they become big and more invasive to treat. Whenever you come in for appointments, remind our staff of your diabetic condition so we can make sure you receive the care you need.

For more information, our Sonshine Family Dental team in Avon, Indiana, is here for your oral health. Just call (317) 271-1330 if you have any concerns or to schedule your next visit. Dr. Steven Driggers looks forward to helping you smile!