School Is Just Around the Corner, Is Your Child’s Smile Ready?

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Regular dental checkups and cleanings are vital to your child’s success at school, as much as receiving immunizations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay affects more children in the U.S. than any other chronic infectious disease.

To that end, today we would like to help your child prepare to enjoy a successful school year. In addition to making sure your child has their before school begins cleaning and exam, but we also encourage the following to help your child succeed in school. Let’s take a look!

— In between dental cleanings, your child’s healthy smile depends on their daily care. To encourage them to brush and floss every day, we recommend including a new toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste on their supply list. Make sure the brush is the right size for their mouth so that it can reach all those areas in the mouth easily for cleaning. Finding a flossing tool they will use is also important. You can’t go wrong with ADA-approved dental products, as they have been rigorously tested to meet safety and effectiveness standards.

— If your child participates in sports activities, they are well on their way to a balanced, rounded lifestyle. However, keeping your child’s smile safe during injurious activity is key in maintaining their smile. Protective gear should be on their school supply list, including a mouth guard that will keep their teeth and gums safe as they engage in school sports, PE, or playground activities that might leave them vulnerable to oral injury.

— Your child will thrive in school if they receive proper nutrition, especially to maintain healthy teeth and gums. You can teach them to avoid (or limit) sugary foods and drinks, and provide them with nutrition-packed lunches. Tooth friendly menu items include fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cheese, or milk, and meat and grains.

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