Most people desire whiter teeth and a brighter smile – now, thanks to Ultradent TresWhite whitening trays, it’s easier than ever to achieve that goal! TresWhite whitening trays are customized by our dentists to fit your teeth comfortably and give exceptional results with minimal effort. Simply wear the trays for 30–60 minutes each day until the desired results are achieved. The TresWhite whitening kit comes with ten sets of trays for whitening your lower and upper teeth, but many people will achieve their desired shade in just six or seven trays. If you are interested in achieving a stain-free, radiant smile, please call Sonshine Family Dental at (317) 495-9537 to make your appointment with Dr. Steven Driggers or Dr. Samuel Driggers. Learn more today about TresWhite teeth whitening in Avon, Indiana!