Celebrate National Fresh Breath Day With These Breath Enhancing Tips!

Did you know that August 6th heralds National Fresh Breath Day? Every year on this date, we take the opportunity to create awareness by celebrating the virtues of fresh breath! Falling on Friday this year, we want you to know that good breath is a sign of good oral health, and we are always down to promote that as you... read more »

Smile With Us on National Smile Power Day on June 15th!

Did you know that a big investment you can make in your overall health and self-confidence is to make sure you have a healthy smile? June 15th is National Smile Power Day, and it’s a great time to become more aware of the many benefits of having a healthy, confident smile wherever you go! The Psychology and Physiology of Smiling... read more »

Indicators of Bruxism

Do you ever wake up in the night and not sure what woke you? The truth may be that you silently suffer from a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or bruxism. Sleep apnea occurs when natural breath during sleep is disrupted. For bruxism, a person grinds or clenches their teeth, often while asleep, in a method that can easily... read more »

Avoid These Holiday Hazards to Make Your Season Shine

Are you taking care of your teeth and gums this holiday season? If not, there is no better time to start than right now. The holiday season can bring with it increased risks for oral health hazards that can damage your teeth. Don’t let your smile suffer this season. Avoid these holiday hazards to make your season shine: If you... read more »

Be Thankful for Your Smile This Thanksgiving

Dr. Steven F. Driggers, DDS and our team in Avon, Indiana, know that when it comes to caring for your smile, there may be some things you should know in addition to brushing and flossing daily. Even if you brush and floss diligently, knowledge is power and we want to empower you in your smile health. Saliva Defense The first line... read more »

A Missing Filling Might Require Treatment with a Crown

Fillings are meant to repair a tooth that has a cavity. While they are meant to last a long time, it is possible for the seam of the filling to eventually yield to the bacteria living in your mouth. This is even more likely to happen if you are inconsistent with your daily oral hygiene routine. Should the bacteria invade... read more »

What is Black Hairy Tongue?

Does your tongue look black or feel a little hairy? While this is uncommon, it is actually a harmless condition referred to as black hairy tongue. Luckily, while this isn’t a pleasant experience, it isn’t typically too difficult to prevent. You see, papillae—which are small projections—grow on your tongue. Typically, papillae shed and aren’t noticeable. Unfortunately, if bacteria builds up... read more »

Tooth Extractions: Instructions on How to Properly Recover

As you may already know, the healing process is extremely important, especially after you’ve had a tooth extracted in Avon, Indiana. So, to help you fully recover after your tooth extraction appointment and to help you avoid complications, our dedicated Sonshine Family dental team recommends doing the following things: -Take the painkillers that your dentist prescribed to you. It’s also recommended to... read more »