Lumineers® by Cerinate are thin porcelain veneers that provide a pain-free way to permanently whiten and align your teeth. Our dentists will apply Lumineers, which are about the same thickness as a contact lens, to the teeth without any shaving or grinding. This gives you a unique and beautiful smile as well as a completely comfortable treatment. In some cases, Lumineers can even be placed over existing bridges or crowns without needing to replace them.

Unlike traditional veneers, the thin Lumineers are placed over your existing teeth without the need for removing sensitive tooth structure. This makes Lumineers a painless, permanent and convenient cosmetic solution for anyone looking to enhance the appearance of teeth that are chipped, stained, discolored or misaligned.

Lumineers can only be created with Cerinate’s patented porcelain, which is only available from the Cerinate Smile Design Studio. In just two or three visits to Sonshine Family Dental, you can have a custom-made smile that should last for many years. Even better, Lumineers treatment is completely reversible because your natural tooth structure was left intact!

Why wait to improve your smile? Call our office at 317-271-1330 to learn more about Lumineers in Avon, Indiana, schedule your consultation with Dr. Steven Driggers or Dr. Samuel Driggers. Begin achieving a perfect smile today!