At Sonshine Family Dental, we use the latest dental X-ray technology, digital radiography, to get a closer and more accurate look at your oral health. The high-quality images produced by this technology allow us to better understand and more quickly diagnose any dental problems, providing you with a swift solution for your oral health needs.

Digital X-rays require significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays, which means that you and your family are always safe when you visit our office. In addition, because the digital X-rays can be viewed instantly, our dentists and our dental hygienists will be able to detect, diagnose, and create a custom treatment plan for any developing problems more efficiently, giving you a more precise, effective and comfortable treatment.

In addition to standard X-rays, our dentists can also use digital panoramic X-rays. This technology provides us with a complete view of your head, teeth, bones and sinuses. Panoramic images are often used to map out your treatment, including procedures such as implant placement and other types of oral surgery, as well as detect abnormalities in your jaw and other oral structures.

We invite you to call Sonshine Family Dental today to learn more about how digital radiography and panoramic X-rays in Avon, Indiana, can enhance your oral health and smile, and schedule your appointment with Dr. Steven Driggers or with Dr. Samuel Driggers.