Ways to Nip Gum Disease in the Bud

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Gum disease is something we all have the potential of getting, but unlike the common cold, we can do many things to keep ourselves from getting it. As long as you can keep plaque, which is the real cause of gum disease, from building up and keep your gums strong, you can boost your chances of not getting the illness. Here is what you can do to help yourself:

– Brush and floss every day: This is your primary defense against plaque. You can effectively clean your teeth and gums of plaque by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.

– Keep appointments with the dentist: Some plaque gets left behind because even the best brushing and flossing cannot get it all. The dentist can use various cleaning tools to remove stubborn plaque for a healthier you.

– Keep your Vitamin C up: Vitamin C can help you create a strong immune system that can more effectively attack plaque trying to establish itself in your gums.

– Stop smoking: If you happen to have a smoking habit, making the effort to quit can help you in many ways, such as decreasing your risk of gum disease. The smoke can reduce the strength of your immune system and your gum tissue. If you work on quitting, you can reduce the substances that cause this and help your immune system and gums better fend off the disease.

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