Why Doesn’t Sonshine Family Dental take PPO?

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Have you wondered why Dr. Driggers doesn’t take PPO plans? Maybe you’re just unsure of what the difference between a PPO and traditional plan is. We can help you know what to expect from a PPO practice vs. traditional “fee for service” practice.

Traditional “fee for service” plans were the original health insurance plans. With these plans, the patient pays either a fixed fee or a percentage of the fee charged by the provider. The fee charged by the provider is referred to as “Usual and Customary” and varies with each provider. These plans will typically pay regardless of who performs the service, giving you more options for providers.

PPO insurance plans are “Preferred Provider Organizations,” offering services to plan members at reduced rates. This plan limits the providers a patient can see; however, patients are able to see providers “out of network” at a higher cost and lower rate of reimbursement.

So why doesn’t Dr. Driggers take PPO plans? At Sonshine Dental, we want to give our patients the best quality care we can provide. Often times, providers within the PPO network are encouraged to see as many patients as possible for higher earnings. These providers then spend less time with patients in order to get more patient exams in throughout each day. By spending less time on procedures and exams, these providers are cutting many corners to make their time more cost effective for the practice, rather than giving each patient and procedure the time and quality deserved. Also, doctors within PPO networks who order too many tests for patients can be financially penalized, so many PPO providers end up doing less for patients. Ultimately, if you want cut-rate dentistry, pick a PPO plan. However, if you want better care and more time with your dentist, pick a traditional “fee for service” insurance plan.